Roadworks affecting Clohessy’s pub business



Accumulated losses at the company which operates Clohessy’s Limerick pub and nightclub increased by €180,495 - to €504,139 - in the twelve months to the end of August 2012.

Though pointing out that the loss was due to non-cash factors such as depreciation and that he in fact made a cash profit during the period in question, the former Ireland and Munster prop forward said that the summer has been a practical write-off for the pub due to the roadworks, which commenced in February and aren’t due to be completed until September.

The roadworks are part of a Limerick City Council, Shannon Development and Failte Ireland joint project opening up the city to the River Shannon - including a boardwalk across the road from the ex-international's pub.

"The boardwalk will be good for business in the long run, but at the moment, it is hurting us," the former Ireland hero is quoted in The Irish Independent.