Make the Pledge: road safety charity Brake launches new partnership with Aviva
Brake, the road safety charity, and insurance provider Aviva have launched a new partnership.

Monaghan’s roads are the most dangerous in Ireland
Monaghan is the most dangerous county in Ireland for driving, with a fatality rate three times higher than the national average.

Insurance collapse to affect 75,000 drivers
The collapse of Setanta Insurance will affect 75,000 van and car drivers who have been advised to purchase a new policy immediately.

Bus set on fire at Quinn premises
A former Quinn packaging plant is the latest premises of the former business mogul Sean Quinn to be set on fire.

Insurance company to create 30 new jobs
Insurance company AON is to create 30 new jobs at its facility in Dublin.

Insurance costs set to rise
Vehicle and business insurance are set to rise in 2014.

Insurance company suspends directors
RSA Insurance Ireland has announced that its CEO, CFO and claims director have all been suspended pending an investigation.

Waterford-Cork Road closed
The Waterford-Cork road was closed this morning after a ten vehicle pile-up was caused by heavy fog.

Scottish police probing cereal offender
A motorist uploaded onto YouTube eating a bowl of cereal while driving will be investigated by police in Scotland.

Ireland to benefit from Samskip expansion
A new service launched by Samskip will link Scandinavia, the U.K, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

No skimping on motor insurance
Despite the recession, Irish drivers are refusing to compromise on their motor insurance, sticking with fully comprehensive cover.

Last Friday Night: Katy Perry’s truck battered and bruised
Pop superstar Katy Perry’s promotional lorry has been smashed up after being hit by a drunk truck driver.

New app can save money on insurance
Drivers who use a new mobile phone app could save up to 30% on their motor insurance premiums.

Pain in the neck for insurance companies
Motor insurance claims for whiplash are on the rise in the UK, according to statistics compiled by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).

Uninsured drivers costing the rest of us €40 each
The proliferation of uninsured drivers is adding an extra €40 per year onto the premiums of every other road user.

Insurance company to create 650 jobs
The American insurance company, Allstate, has said it will create 650 jobs at its Northern Ireland operation over the next three years.

Crazy insurance claims revealed
Road users putting on make-up, changing CDs and arguing with their passengers have all contributed to traffic accidents, according to recent insurance claims.

Renault Trucks launches insurance
From the beginning of the year, Renault Trucks will be offering customers the option of insuring their new vehicle through the manufaturer.

Insurance company to create 40 jobs
Forty jobs are on the way to Carlow at Unum, it has been announced.

Driving offence details to be made available to insurance companies
The details of driving offences are to be given out to insurance companies under a new law expected today.

Insurance premiums to go up due to new law
A new law is imminent granting motor insurers access to information on the kind of offences that drivers incur penalty points for.

Ibec predicting 1.8% growth
The Irish Business and Employers Confederation is predicting that the Irish economy will grow by 1.8% this year.

Insurance premiums to rise for women
Changes to insurance rules come into force today which will make it more expensive for women drivers.

Women drivers to pay up to €300 extra insurance
Up to 200,000 women face motor insurance hikes of up to €300 a year.

Border points loophole to be closed
The loophole that means motorists can escape penalty points when they cross the border will be closed by 2015.