County Councils

At last: a bridge at Reilly's level crossing!
Work will begin this month to build a bridge over one of Dublin’s most frustrating bottlenecks.

24-hr automated service station opens in Dublin
The first 24-hr automated service station has been opened in North Dublin by Maxol.

Motorists on The Quays could be cut to one lane
A proposed new two-way cycle lane on The Quays in Dublin city centre could see motorists cut down to one lane.

Taoiseach to back Narrow Water Bridge project?
According to a Labour Senator, an Taoiseach Enda Kenny is prepared to support a new attempt to complete the shelved Narrow Water Bridge project.

Record £130m spent repairing NI’s roads in 2013/14
An unbelievable £130m was spent on maintaining the roads of Northern Ireland in the last financial year.

Council pay €5,000 over pothole damage
Clare County Council have paid out €5,000 in compensation to motorists who damaged their vehicles in two massive potholes in the Ennis area.

NTA calls for Dublin city congestion charge
If the National Transport Authority has its way, drivers entering Dublin will soon have to pay congestion charges.

Scania takes order for 485 trucks
Scania is set to deliver 485 trucks to the Austrian public sector over the next three years.

Parking free-for-all in Dublin?
Dublin’s clampers are threatening to go on strike, which could mean a parking free-for-all in the city centre.

Dublin waste collection restrictions come into force
New restrictions on Dublin’s private waste collectors come into force today, banning them from operating in certain areas on specific days.

Parking ticket issued to driver stuck in traffic
A driver stuck in traffic had his frustrations exacerbated by being slapped with a parking ticket.

Gritters falling victim to abuse
Drivers are subjecting County Council workers gritting the roads to aggressive behaviour.

Report recommends Dublin mayor to take over transport and waste
A body charged with advising the Environment Minister says the new Dublin Mayor should look after transport and waste in the capital.

Licensed hauliers down by 8.7% in 12 months
A Transport Omnibus report has revealed that the number of licensed hauliers fell by 8.7% in 2012.

Irish language to be given parity on road signs
New road signs have been proposed which would give parity to the Irish and English languages.

Dublin motor tax offices closing
Three motor tax offices in Dublin will close next week to allow staff to make up for a significant backlog.

Newlywed couple travel to wedding reception in bin lorry – by choice!
In Sunderland, a couple of refuse lorry drivers who tied the knot decided to make use of a bin lorry on the big day.

Irish motorists fork out €360 million a year … to park!
Local authority coffers are being swelled by €115m as Irish motorists spend €360m a year on parking charges.

Doubts over proposed city centre traffic revamp
Leaked plan to revamp Dublin city centre’s traffic regime may never come to fruition, according to the local authority..

Dublin city centre set for radical traffic overhaul
Radical new plans have been drawn up for Dublin city centre traffic, including the pedestrianisation of Suffolk Street and transforming half of College Green into a public plaza.

On the road in Limerick
Limerick County Council is one of the most progressive and effective local authorities in the country when it comes to maintaining and improving the roads network.

I’ll name that bridge in five...
There are five prospective names for the new public transport bridge across the Liffey, which is expected to open in six months.

Another Bruce Springsteen story. Sure why not?
Everyone else is talking about The Boss these days so we might as well join in...

Roadworks affecting Clohessy’s pub business
Former Ireland rugby star Peter Clohessy’s pub business is being hammered by roadworks that are part of a €5m plan to open up Limerick city to the River Shannon.

Motor tax loophole closes today
Motorists will no longer be able to falsely claim that their vehicle was off the road.