Another Bruce Springsteen story. Sure why not?



The legendary US rocker got more than he bargained for last week when his tour trucks were slapped with parking tickets outside Leeds Arena, as Springsteen rolled into town to perform his maiden gig at the new £60m venue.

The huge articulated lorries were parked on double yellow lines outside the venue on Wednesday night and bemused concert-goers looked on as an over-zealous council worker began to put parking tickets on them.

Even though the parking attendant was only doing his job, Leeds City Council says it was embarrassed by the incident:

"We accept this is a little embarrassing but, to be fair, the attendant was doing his job - if a little too efficiently. These were somewhat unusual circumstances with a very large tour involved and a tight turnaround of vehicles arriving from the previous night's show in Cardiff on the opening night of a brand new venue.

"The parking tickets were legitimately issued as the area concerned had double yellow lines and was outside the agreed area for trucks to park to access the arena. Having considered the special circumstances, the tickets were quickly cancelled."