Dublin city centre set for radical traffic overhaul



The National Transport Authority’s draft City Centre Transport Assessment Study has been disclosed by The Irish Times and it shows plans to transform the movement of traffic in Dublin city centre, including a designated orbital route to cater for through-traffic.

The plans recommend pedestrianising Suffolk Street and Church Lane; turning the southern half of College Green into a public plaza; making D’Olier Street and Beresford Place two-way; and removing general car traffic from Westmoreland Street.

Other measures would include reconfiguring Christchurch Place as a pedestrian-friendly space, with just one lane of traffic in each direction; turning Westland Row into a public transport-only corridor; and redesigning both Kelly’s Corner and Leonard’s Corner.

The draft also proposes a city-centre cycle network, giving cyclists defined routes to navigate the city centre with minimal conflict with other road users.

New traffic signal timings would also be introduced so that pedestrians have to wait no loner than 45 seconds to cross busy streets.