Doubts over proposed city centre traffic revamp



Dublin City Council says it has had no involvement thus far in the ambitious National Transport Authority draft plan which includes the pedestrianisation of Suffolk Street and transforming half of College Green into a public plaza.

The draft City Centre Transport Assessment Study was disclosed by The Irish Times last week it shows plans to transform the movement of traffic in Dublin city centre, including a designated orbital route to cater for through-traffic.

But senior traffic engineers in the City Council say that they have concerns about the plan and that it may never happen.

The study, dated June 2013, was received by the Council's roads and traffic department at the end of last month. Brendan O'Brien, the department's head of technical services, points out that it wasn't a joint plan and was never anything more than a discussion document.

Michael Phillips, director of traffic and city engineer, added that there is nothing concrete about the plans and that it was disappointing that the document was leaked.