Newlywed couple travel to wedding reception in bin lorry – by choice!



Claire Fallon and Paul Worthy eschewed a classic car or horse-drawn carriage in favour of a red council bin wagon, which served as their wedding carriage.

Having met on the job at Sunderland City Council, the couple decided the most appropriate vehicle to transport them to their reception was the bin lorry, freshly cleaned after it had been out on the rounds since 7am and with the classic Just Married sign hanging on the back.

"Both me and Paul work for the council and drive these things daily. It's something quirky and when we look back in years to come we will have a bit of a giggle," the bride said.

Before the wedding, Claire asked for permission from her council bosses to borrow the £127,000 Mercedes lorry: "I spoke to one of our managers and he went and saw the top gaffer and he said yes.

"Obviously we'd have to pay for the fuel and pay for the driver - we'd have had to have done that if we hired a car anyway. Everybody pulled together and it's been lovely."