24-hr automated service station opens in Dublin



The first 24-hr automated service station has been opened in North Dublin by Maxol.

Hauliers and van operators will be delighted to hear that they can now use the new Maxol auto24 facility on the Dublin Road, Sutton.

Maxol auto24has six pay-at-the-pump fuelling dispensers, which accept payment by debit card, credit card and Maxol fuel card.

Brian Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer, Maxol said: “In Europe the lion’s share of petrol and diesel purchases are bought at automated service stations. After successfully trialing this concept in Northern Ireland from 2011, we believe there is now an opportunity to introduce this concept at selected sites in our southern network.

“We purchased this former service station back in 2012 and have invested heavily in the latest state-of-the-art technology to enable us to offer this innovative new fuel solution to motorists in Ireland. Automated service stations offer motorists a number of distinct advantages – fuel pricing is reduced as there are fewer costs to pay, queues tend to be shorter as customers pay at the pump, and because the service station operates on a 24 hour basis motorists can fill up at a time that best suits them.”