Sixfold EU Logistics Advisory: Live Border Map on Codiv-19 Related Shipment Delays


EU leaders have agreed to shut down the bloc's external borders to all non-essential travel except truck deliveries for the next 30 days in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The EU bloc immediately borders countries such as Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine to the east. Further west there are borders with Switzerland and Andorra. South east there are borders with Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Turkey. 

Internal borders within the EU have been suffering with traffic jams as lorries try and get into neighboring countries. According to a live map from shipment visibility provider Sixfold, up to 40 miles of queues have been reported on the Lithuanian-Polish border, while similar traffic jams have disrupted travel over Germany and Poland and Hungarian-Austrian travel.  

EU President Von der Leyen told a conference yesterday: 'The flow of goods needs to be swift, we need these goods for the functioning of the internal market."

Sixfold has developed a free and live shipment delivery map for predictive delays in trucks crossing borders. It can be accessed at, is updated in live time and is destined for manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers. Uniquely, it provides them with real-time and predictive visibility over shipments in these pandemic times.

Sixfold is the exclusive real-time shipment visibility provider to Europe's largest supply chain network Transporeon. The Sixfold platform has powerful AI capabilities and singularly predicts delays and provides proactive alerts on shipment delays built on Transporeon Sixfold-enabled trucks. Up to Euros 500 million of goods are monitored by Europe's supply chains each day using the Sixfold platform enabling customers and shippers to gain business advantage and to better plan operations.

Please advise your B2B readers of the availability of this free map. Knowledge of changing shipment arrivals due to delays at border controls is central to their businesses.