Michelin expands Truck Tyre Range


Michelin expands Truck Tyre Range)

Michelin has extended its X Multi truck tyre range, popular for regional haulage, with the addition of 315/80 R22.5 X Multi Z (multi-position) and X Multi D (drive) fitments.

Also introduced are two new 385/65 R22.5 high load carrying capacity tyres: the X Multi HLZ (multi-position) and X Multi HLT (trailer), primarily for logging trucks and crane-mounted tractor units.

315/80 R22.5 X Multi Z & D

The new 315/80 R22.5 X Multi Z and D replace the equivalent size X MultiWay 3D tyres, and have been launched to meet substantial market demand.

Internal testing by Michelin points to an increase in mileage potential of up to 15 per cent for the new multi-position tyre, which is most commonly fitted to steer axles, and up to a 10 per cent mileage boost for the drive tyre.

385/65 R22.5 X Multi HLZ and X Multi HLT

According to Michelin, the launch of these new high load carrying capacity tyres addresses a demand from operators of crane-equipped tractor units and tandem-axle trailers, while also delivering all the advantages of the X Multi range’s hallmark versatility and durability.

The new X Multi HLZ stands apart for its 10 tonnes per axle load carrying capacity while delivering a potential mileage increase of 30 per cent compared to the equivalent size X MultiWay HD XZE it replaces.

Completing the launch is the X Multi HLT for load-bearing trailer axles. This tyre is being launched by Michelin to provide additional load carrying capacity at a time when tri-axle trailers in specific applications are increasingly making way for tandems.